Make your next product launch or brand campaign a bigger success by developing a strategic plan to maximize your reach and engage your audience!  

Get Launched!

Together we will come up with an effective 8-12 week strategy to launch your product customize exactly to you, your product and your audience.

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One to One Strategy Call

Want a quick check up on how your ads are doing? Need a sales page or landing page reviewed. Book a one hour consultation and lets review your funnel together to see where the sticking points are. 

Facebook Services for Food Bloggers and Brands

Using Facebook Ads can help amplify the reach of your sponsored posts. I can help you create and manage your ads to target the right readers and broaden your campaign. Schedule a consultation to talk about how we can work together to maximize your efforts so you can STOP boosting posts and get more for your money! Get on the wait list + schedule a consultation here.

*Only 5 spots are open per month, so availiability is very limited.*

Online Courses

If you want to do it yourself check out my signature course on how to grow your audience by finding your ideal reader.

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What My Clients Say

"The strategy session with Nicole was just what I need to get organized and focused. We packed so much into one session and I walked away from the session with a list of actionable items I felt motivated and excited to work on. "

-Brittany Mullins;

"“I’ve been blogging for three years, and focus has always been my issue. On top of that, I can be pretty unaware and insecure about what I have to offer my audience. Chatting with Nicole in her strategy sessions gave me so much clarity. I was vigorously taking notes while talking with her because she was giving me so many valuable ideas. Additionally, her advice was not only big picture, but she gave me action items, too, that I could work on immediately. I genuinely recommend this. Even if you don’t feel like it will help, I promise it will.”

-Christina Valenziano,

"I've tried to manage Facebook ads on my own and got below-average results. I felt like I was throwing my money away. When it was time to prepare for the launch of our course, I knew we had to turn this over to someone if we wanted to see success. We hired Nicole based on her success and understanding of Facebook ad strategy. On our first camapign, which was comparable to the one I tried to manage, the ads performed 9 times better. We were able to create a successful campaign to promote our webinar that cost just over $2 per conversion. The results far exceeded our expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole to anyone who needs help creating Facebook Ad Campaigns and managing the process."

-Danielle Liss,