Food Summit Who's Coming!

The Strength of a Community is in it's People! Look who's coming!

Over 110 people are signed up so is a glimpse of who's joining in! 

Gina Harney, The Fitnessista

 "I purchased a ticket last year, and learned so much about social media and the business behind blogging."

Julie Fagen, Peanut Butter Fingers 

 "I participated in the last summit and thought it was incredibly informative and worthwhile and ended up with so many takeaways. (I seriously think listening to Katy Widrick’s session alone was worth my registration fee!)"

Rachael Devaux, Rachael's Good Eats

Alexis Joseph, Hummusapien

Brittany Mullins, Eating Bird Food

I was a speaker at last year's food summit and I learned SO much! I can't wait to listen to all the sessions this year!

Ashley Hovey, The Fit Mitten Kitchen 

 The first virtual Food Entrepreneur Summit gave me all of the resources I needed to learn more about what it took to blog full-time, creating content calendars, organize my business, etc. etc. Since then I've been working with Nicole one-on-one and it has been a total game-changer. I no longer feel so STUCK in my business, and instead have been actively working ON my business.

Emilie Hebert, Emilie Eats

Kelsey Preciado, Little Bits of

The Food Entrepreneur Summit taught me so much last year about blogging and is part of the reason I am working for myself right now. If you have a blog or want to start a blog especially in the food space, I highly recommend it!! 

Leah Goldglantz, Leah's Plate

I would love to connect with other like-minded people in my industry. I learned so much during the summit last year that I know how valuable the information is. I can't wait to learn from other professionals and kick off 2017 feeling motivated!

Katie Proctor, Elevate with Katie

Year after year, the Summit brings together some of the brightest minds in the industry. Nowhere else can you get access to this caliber of people to learn how they got to where they are today and walk away with action steps to do the same. If success leaves clues, then you're getting the whole treasure map!

Sarah Waninger, Creating Better Tomorrow

This was the best investment for me personally and professionally I obviously am not a food entrepreneur. Don’t let the name fool you this program is for ANY and EVERY one that has a small business or online side hustle. I began working with Nicole in July. And the last half of 2016 have been amazing. Through the summit I learned what steps I needed to take in order for my business to really move forward, to truly take my business to the next level.

Lindsay Livingston, The Lean Green Bean

The Food summit is the ultimate blogger resource! It's jam packed with valuable information for every important area of blogging and is beneficial to both new and experienced bloggers!

Dana Harrison, Eats 2 Know

The Food Summit and Blissful Bites community is one of the best decisions I made in 2016. I was skeptical but took a chance and invested in my potential future to understanding this whole social media / networking / entrepreneur within the food space stuff. But I did it and am so happy I did. To this day I highly recommend it, which is why I'm doing it again!

Glenneth Reed,

Nicole's first Food Summit was amazing and I learned so much that I knew I had to sign up for the second one. Her lineup of speakers is incredible and I am looking forward to learning from everyone.

Jess Larson, Plays Well with Butter

Aside from my goal of building a profitable business in 2017, the main reason I chose to invest in this summit is flexibility. as someone who balances a full-time gig with my blog side hustle, I love that everything is archived so I can work through the material at my own pace without necessarily having to participate live during my normal working hours or spending vacation time to travel to a workshop. I am also excited about the amazing line up & &o learn from bloggers I truly admire & respect!

Blair Lonergan, The Seasoned Mom

I know that it's a small price for an investment that will bring me many returns as I implement the tips in the future.

Melissa Thurnhofer, So Much Yum Blog

Karlie Kashat, Karl Cooks

I signed up because I have so much to learn as a new blogger and there are some amazing women participating who I want to learn from. I also can't wait to connect with other bloggers and delve into the blogging community.

Alyssa Gagarin, Wellness with Alyssa

I am excited to network and connect with other food entrepreneurs who share this mutual passion and drive! Getting to hear new ideas, suggestions & methods of using social media to grow a business is always fascinating to me!

Mary Ellen Phipps, Milk and Honey Nutrition

Most of 2016 for me was just posting and doing what I felt like that week with the online part of my business. There was no long term plan in place. For the last quarter of 2016, I've seen a lot more success and it has made me realize that I need to have aplan in place, and really start treating the online portion of my business more seriously.

Katrina Trisko, @eccentricnutrition

I *just* created my professional/nutrition instagram in the last two weeks, and am just getting it started and off the ground. I signed up for the conference in order to begin networking and learn from others how to build my account into a success. I made the investment in signing up for the Food Summit to build a better future for my career.

Georgia Rounder, Hustle and Brussel

I am looking forward to connecting with all of the amazing bloggers and dietitians included in the Summit, learning how to grow my blog and personal brand, as well as learning how to develop my niche in this field.

Diane E, Vintage Zest

After a couple years of this being a hobby that has yielded some benefits and income, I would love to learn how to grow from experts!

Christina Dahms, Busy Girl, Healthy World

My blog started out as a hobby, but has been growing more quickly in the last few months. I am hoping to learn how to continue to grow it, improve by content, and improve my brand as a whole.

Corinne Kantor, The Food Cop

I attended the first summit and learned some great info so I decided to sign up again.

Marsha Apsley,

I've heard so many good things about the food summit. I've heard from many of the presenters on Nicole's podcast, and I'm looking forward to getting to hear more and being able to interact with them. This will be my first time, but I've heard from others who I trust that it was such a great investment. 

Ellie O'Brien, Hungry By Nature

I attended the first Food Entrepreneur Summit and learned SO much from it. I grew my blog significantly in my first year and cannot wait to learn more this year and meet new people!

 Rachel Martin, T1D Living

Just started my blog and want to do it right!

Amy Getman, Happy Healthy RD

I'm hoping to start blogging more consistently. I think learning how the experts do it will help motivate me to take my blog more seriously. The summit sounds like such a wealth of information! I don't know of any other resources that would provide insight from such a great list of successful bloggers all in one place.

Jennifer Shreckengost, Wanderlust and Wellness

I'm ready to turn my blog into a business. I want to build a community and brand around Wanderlust and Wellness. I'm ready to go full in and make 2017 my year! The speaker lineup and information available for the cost was a no-brainer for me! Many of the speakers I've been following and here they are all in ONE place! I know that in order to grow I must invest in myself and in professional development. 

Kelly Nardo, Eat the Gains

I am ready to start turing my blog into a business and earning a side income from it. I have learned so much in the past year and I am ready to continue that growth the right way.

Allie McDonald, Miss Allie's Kitchen

I'm hoping to be able to increase my audience and experience so I can begin to monetize and work toward blogging full time. 

Molly Krebs, Spices in my DNA

I'm trying to grow my audience this year and transition to blogging full time in hopefully the near future. I also had a great experience with the summit last year and learned so much valuable information.

Kiley DeMarco, One Healthy Hamptons

I'm determined to grow my business while balancing a new baby/family. Love the speaker line-up and excited to learn, grow my business, expand my reach/audience, attract new clients, and continue networking with amazing people in this industry! 

Ashley Pitt, A Lady Goes West

I love learning from other successful bloggers and keep improving my craft!

 Sarah Schlichter, Bucket List Tummy

I did the Summit last year and learned so much. I'm ready for new knowledge and information to help my brand grow even more. I would love to learn to reach a wider audience in 2017 and start increasing my income from the blog. 

Nicole Nelson, Living Well with Nic

I heard great things about the summit from a friend who participated last year and is participating again this year! Also, I like to learn by others' examples and hearing different bloggers' experiences. I follow all of the bloggers who will be speaking, so it will be great to make those conenctions.

Laura Nockett, Chocolate Covered Cheetah

I am hoping to connect with other food bloggers and start building a network. My goal for 2017 is to begin monetizing my blog so I can eventually transition into running it at a full time capacity. 

Jenni Ward, The Gingered Whisk

I am hoping to connect with other bloggers, and continue learning how to turn my blog into a business.

 Meg Kelly, The Compost C0ok

I've been blogging for 6 years now and am ready to take my blog to the next level! I'm most looking forward to learning from the bloggers who are able to do this full-time and how they can help me figure out a path to start to move in that direction. 

Amy Flashenberg-Lakowski, Clean Plate Food

I'm just getting my healthy recipe and wellness blog up and running, and am beginning to create more and more content. My hope is to be able to sustain creating new content (developing recipes, healthy lifestyle and wellness information, etc.) in order to being monetizing it so that I can run my website full time. From the summit, I hope to learn more about monetizing content, pitching clients/brands, making connections with like-minded people, and being inspired by so many entrepreneurs doing what I hope to do in the coming months and years. Can't wait to connect with you all and learn a lot from all the wonderful speakers!

Kathryn Dohrety, Family Food on the Table

2017 will be my second full-year of blogging and I'm looking to take things to the next level. I am excited to learn more about growing my brand and my business!

 Tina Gowin Carlucci, Gowin Nutrition

I've been blogging on and off for a couple years now, but have always been working for someone else. I am now in a place where I have the time and energy to grow my blog and my business and want to learn more about how I can make that happen. This seems like a very supportive group with lots of helpful information. I'm ready! 

 Lesli Schwartz, Asian Caucasian

I'm a fairly new food blogger and have a ton yet to learn. I recognize that this course could help me tremendously with social media, monetization, and building traffic to my site. Looking forward to learning all about these topics and more and taking my blog to the next level!

Sharon Lehman, RD, Heart and Stove

I've been wanting to start treating my blog/brand as a potential business and figured it was time I started to invest in myself & my ideas. I've been wanting to network with other bloggers and attend a conference and this allows me to do that at the start of a new year without additional travel expenses.

Lauren Delaney, The Bikini Experiment

I loved the content of last year's summit. I wasn't sure what to expect, but found each course to be jam packed with valuable information. I have had my blog for a few years now and want to uplevel more as a brand in the fitness space in 2017. 

Based on what I learned in last year's summmit I know I will walk away with a lot of new information, ideas and ways to get started and implement what I've learned.

Jess Norby, Hello to Fit

All of the extremely positive and encouraging feedback about last year's summit has me wanting to learn from the experts, as well as grow my brand and reach. But, more specifically, strengthening my community and relationships!

Emily Vasbinder, Bubba and Bean

I am brand new to this and am feeling overwhelmed. I have so many ideas but need help in structuring them and knowing what to prioritize in order to make this a real business some day. 

Joelle Cangelosi, Jo Wellness

I have just started my website and social media and I am looking for direction and help in how to maximize my time, money, and services to have a successful business that becomes my full-time career within a year.

The amazing speakers that are lined up. I know there is a wealth of knowledge in this summit and it is at the perfect time now that I am starting my business and want to achieve my goal of a full time career. It is so important to connect with the people who are in the same space as you to learn and grow from. I know I am going to make lasting connections with tons of others to learn and grow as a person.

Kat Downs, Crunchy Kat

I started blogging in August 2016 and am ready to learn how to grow! I want to increase my readership, page views, and Instagram followers so that I can begin working with brands. I also really want to connect with others in the blogging world! 

The speakers seem amazing and there were so many people I follow on Instagram saying this event is what helped them grow. 

 Emily Winters, Getwellwithem

I get overwhelmed with how much information is out there, so I was looking for someone to guide me. The Food Summit is organized, with PDF and a plan for everything. Plus it's consolidating information from a bunch of blogs I admire all in one place. I can't wait! 

I need to believe in myself as a business and act as though I'm already profitable. This conference is my way of leaning into my major goal for the new year!

Debra Clark, Bowl-Me-Over

l want to take my blog to the next level. Last year I invested time/energy in photography and content. 2017 it will be about growth. I know if I concentrate on growth the $$$'s will follow. With so many great industry leaders I know I will learn a ton! The timing was great as we move into 2017. I'm looking forward to starting the year off on the right note.  

Sarah Martorella, The Nutritious Princess

Food is my life and I'm ready to make it my career in the food blogging world!

Gracie Blair, Revive 365 Wellness

I just started my blog up in the past month and am loving the bloggers community! I have heard awesome things about this food summit. Looking forward to connecting with people with my same interest, growing my website, and helping others become the best version of themselves they can be.

Chrissa Benson, The Physical Kitchness

I feel like I've done the work to get my blog going and content established - now I just need that extra help to take it to the next level monetizing and making the big dreams I have for my brand a reality! I joined the summit to gain the support of a community and learn how to make my passion project a lucrative business I can do from home, while raising my kids!

Christine McMichael, Jar of Lemons

I started my blog about 1.5 years ago, and I'm ready to take it to the next level. I'm excited to connect with other bloggers and learn as much as I can from everyone! I know it'll be a great conference!

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  • 18 Master Class Videos (Valued at over $3,000)
  • Private Online Community to Ask Questions to Speakers ($2,000)
  • Summit Playbook for Each Class ($500)
  • Mp3 Downloads to Listen on the Go ($200)
  • BONUS: Steps to Creating Your E-Book ($500)
  • BONUS: How to Set up Google Search Console ($99)
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  • 18 Master Class Videos (Valued at over $3,000)
  • Private Online Community to Ask Questions to Speakers ($2,000)
  • Summit Playbook for Each Class ($500)
  • Mp3 Downloads to Listen on the Go ($200)
  • BONUS: Steps to Creating Your E-Book ($500)
  • BONUS: How to Set up Google Search Console ($99)
  • Lifetime Access to All Masterclasses (Priceless)
  • 3 Monthly LIVE Calls ($100 Value)
  • 90 Day Profit Program ($100 Value)
  • Facebook for Bloggers Course ($67 Value)
  • 30 Day to Finding Your Niche Course ($67 Value)
  • 30 Days to a Profitable Launch ($67 Value)
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