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Creating and running a profitable blog can be overwhelming, to say the least. Long days spent staring at a screen, wondering how in the world anyone can make a living from a blog. 

Serious consideration of selling off your stuff to fund your lifestyle so you can put in the time and energy you know it takes to grow a profitable blog. 

Creating plan after plan only to realize that there's no real method to the madness. 

Creating a profitable blog is hard work, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming work. 


Because there are countless bloggers and online entrepreneurs who put the proof in the pudding that the life and career you dream of is possible. 

And that's why this Blogger to Business support program exists: to put you in front of some of the industry's top professionals, to give you the resources you need, and to invite you into a community of bloggers who are making it work.

Bloggers and business owners who work together go farther, and make a a bigger impact.. together.

Bloggers and business owners who work together go farther, and make a a bigger impact.. together. Community is often noted as the #1 secret ingredient of successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. Even if you've chosen to work independently, as a solopreneur, you deserve a connected community of peers who will support you, teach you and invest in your growth.

Not only do you increase your chances of success by working in community, it's proven that bloggers who work and learn together make wiser, more empowered decisions for themselves and their businesses.


Throughout life and business, there are ever-present themes with which we struggle: finances, overwhelm, insecurity, connection and planning for the future. Based on the themes of struggle we experience in business, we've built our trainings, resources and community connections around the themes we know you need help with the most: Monetization, Strategic Planning, Confidence and Community.

Because all business ventures should focus on finances, I encourage you to start with our first modules "Financing Your Long Term Vision: Making decisions today to provide you with income to support your future vision."


We don't just stop at training. We know that you need to take your learning from knowledge to know-how, so we provide actionable resources that take what you know in your head and translate that into real, doable steps that finance and fuel your long-term vision for passionate profitability.


Finally, the crucial element to your success: Community + Accountability. In all things, we do more together. You'll have immediate access to our passionate, connected community of like-minded bloggers, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Make connections, build your community and access accountability all in one, cozy place where “action begets action.”

All About Profits: Create a Blog that Feeds Your Passion and Your Profits

Look beyond pageviews and sponsored posts and figure out how to create steady, consistent income NOW

Here’s a quick look at the kind of quality trainings you’ll access.

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs with Nickey Rautenburg

How to Negotiate Your Price to Brands with Danielle Liss

How to Engineer Your Celebrity with Kelly Roach

What you receive with your commitment:

  • Once a month LIVE ACTION CALLS with LIVE Q&A (they will be recorded and available after!)
  • Weekly office hours to ask questions (hop onto video call to ask questions!)
  • Grow your email list + audience course
  • Monthly recordings with experts
  • Introductions to peers who have “been there, done that” to answer your burning questions.
  • Access to 2016 Food Entrepreneur Summit Course Videos + PDF's
  • Goal Setting Calendar
  • Private Membership Group
  • Access to all 22 2016 Food Entrepreneur Summit Videos
  • 30 Days to Finding Your Niche
  • 30 Days to Launch a Profitable Product
  • Facebook for Food Bloggers Course

Videos You Get Access to Upon Sign Up

  • Goal Setting + Determining Your Expectations + Expertise
  • Surveying Your Audience to Find Out what they Want (and how to do it even if you don’t have an audience)
  • Reviewing the results of your survey and how to use them to create a product.
  • Negotiate with companies you want to work with
  • Offering services to other bloggers
  • How your survey influences the products you create
  • Create a product and go through a launch formula to collect people that are actually interested in.
  • How to use facebook to get leads and VIP readers.

And this is just the beginning! Alone, each training provides a unique perspective on an element of struggle in online business and blogging. Together, the sum of your trainings provides a solid strategy for success in the online industry. 

Hi, I'm Nicole.

Founder of Blissful Eats and host of the Blissful Bites Podcast. I blogged for years before I gained any traction or knew how to provide the value my ideal clients were looking for. My blog was more of a personal project than a profitable plan for success.

It wasn't until I invested my time and my resources into professional development that I learned how to turn my hobby into a business. I know, firsthand, the correlation between professional learning and meaningful growth in my business. And it all started with a blog!

The more I tweaked and implemented new strategies, the more I learned about how to focus on the few key tasks that truly make or break a successful blogging business.

Even better? The more my business grew, the more clearly I could see my sweet spot for serving my audience and, in February, I started the Blissful Bites podcast to go deeper with the real strategies and stories my audience was dying to hear. On the podcast, I share real stories from entrepreneurs who have created and found their own unique success.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building Blissful Eats, launching the Food Entrepreneur summit (from idea to 200 tickets sold in 21 days), interviewing over 100 successful women food entrepreneurs and channeled into my membership community

What people are saying

Taking the leap and joining Nicole's Blogger to Business Support Group has been crucial for my business development! As I'm growing my social media consulting business, working with Nicole has helped me narrow down my niche, establish clear goals for my business, and effective practices to get there. She makes an astounding amount of time available for questions and advice, and I am amazed at all of the content she has to offer to the group - particularly the online class curriculum. Additionally, the Facebook group has been a huge way for me to get daily support and learn all I can about building a business. Basically, I'd be much less structured (and more stressed) without this group! 

Jessica Norby,

"Working with Nicole, being apart of her Bloggers to Business Support Group, taking her courses and applying what she so carefully teaches us has helped my business in so many ways. Not only am I able to plan and set goals more successfully, but I have seen the largest period of growth since launching my blog after deciding to work with her, and I have grown personally in more ways than one. It is one of the best and most impactful decisions I have made so far!" 

Allie McDonald,

"The Blogger to Business support group has been a game changer for me. Nicole is super supportive and is so helpful. She has a way of explaining things that make it easy to follow and implement. She is very responsive in the group. She balances positive feedback with specific actions that will move you forward in your business. I've paid lots of money to business coaches over the last year and a half and have already gotten more from my time in this group than what the high dollars got me. I'm just so thankful I have connected with Nicole and this community."


"I have LOVED working with Nicole 1-on-1. I never thought I'd have a business coach but it is one of the best things I have done for my blog this year. I'm actually the type of person who thinks they can do it all on their own. Set goals, be organized and figure out how to get there. But the truth is sometimes I get stuck and it's hard getting unstuck. But Nicole has helped me set realistic goals and push me further along in my business. It's amazing what a difference it can make having someone there with you, not only cheering you on but being that sounding board and holding you accountable. I feel so much more focused on where I want to take my blog and how I am going to make it happen." 

Ashley Hovey,

"Joining Nicole's Blogger to Business Group is one of the best decisions I have made for my business. 

Not only does Nicole provide amazing value every day, but she goes above and beyond for all of us through personalized videos, answering everyone's questions, and weekly office hours. 

There are great trainings and downloads that have helped me walk step by step through some of the most confusing terms and processes that have slowed me down before I found her. About a year ago I decided I really wanted, and needed to get serious about turning my blog into a business. 

No one tells you that it is more challenging then ever in the online space. Today you can't just throw out an idea and hope it sticks. You have to be smart with how you approach your business. There are just too many ways you can waste time and not see results. Working with Nicole is turning me into a business owner whereas before I really was just a blogger. 

My thought process and the way I view my work has totally changed. Terms like sales funnels, landing pages and Facebook ad targeting are now tangible for me. I used to feel so lost when I heard these things! I am now confident I can learn and use these tools effectively to help offer what I have to an audience of people who need my services. 

Nicole is helping me every single step of the way! She answers every question - big or small on a daily basis. She pushes, encourages and offers constant support because she truly cares about our success." 

Lauren Delaney

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this Blogger to Business Support Community unique?

First, I focus on getting your business up and running and profitable before anything else. This is the answer to getting hands on support and asking questions that you get real actionable answers to. I bring in industry experts, have a live workshop monthly, and give you a safe space to ask questions. New content is added monthly!

When does the program start and finish?

You will have access to all trainings with experts. Once a month checkin live action calls are held. Trainings can be accessed at anytime here!

Who is this support for?

Food Bloggers, Cookbook Writers, Wellness professionals, designers, social media consultants, copywriters and style coaches. We are as diverse as our experiences; from side-hustlers to full time entrepreneurs. And here's what we know: Together, we do better. Alone, we are doing great work. Together, we are thriving and creating businesses that work.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time!

So...are you ready to take your blog to the next level?

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